Radio Controlled Car
Baja Beetle Upgrade

A 2-speed transmission kit became available for the Baja Beetle which could increase the top speed of the RC car.  I purchased and installed the 2-speed transmission which replaces gears and other parts in the QRC (quick reverse clutch).

2-Speed Transmission Kit

The 2-speed transmission is an automatic transmission that engages 2nd gear when the Baja Beetle gets close to top speed in 1st gear.  When the engine spins 1st gear fast enough then centrifical force will switch the transmission to the 2nd gear.  The 2-speed transmission can be heard engaging as the Baja Beetle revs close to top speed in 1st gear.  The 2-speed transmission offered a 10% - 20% increase in top speed of the Baja Beetle.

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