Friday, August 28, 2001

At work, I am part of a national group with group members in several major metropolitan cities.  Our group was given a recreational day off with the assignment of "be a tourist in your city".  The group members in Houston decided to visit the Houston Zoo.  Sheryl, Melinda, Byron and I met at the Houston Zoo entrance to begin out safari adventure.

Sheryl, Byron and I attending a conference call to begin "be a tourist in your city".

Monkeys up to monkey business

Newborn Squirrel Monkey monkeying around

White Rhinoceri exhausted from the Houston heat

Asian Elephant escaping the Houston heat under a large umbrella

Anteater should have plenty to eat with all the fire ants in Houston

Spectacled Bear has built-in cool shades

Nubian Giraffes playing hide and seek

Various ducks, Black-Necked Swans and fish

Red-Eared Slider turtles tanning in the sun

I found new friends in the children's petting zoo

Since there were no prairie dogs in the exhibit, we had to improvise for the children

Shhh, Melinda can hear us with her bat ears

Curious raccoons looking to escape

A bird of prey scouting his next victim

A wise owl tests our knowledge by asking the ultimate question, "Who?" 

Melinda, Byron and me preparing for Hermann Park train tour

Sheryl, Byron and me preparing for Hermann Park train tour

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