Sunday, November 25, 2001

I installed the icicle lights on the house and took a picture in the evening
(Trees are obstructing the view of the lights)

In the afternoon, I decided to take the ATV out for a spin.  I headed an open depression dug out for flooding prevention.  I drove down into it and made one loop around the bottom.  On the second pass around the bottom, the ATV suddenly stopped.  I looked down and the ATV had sunk in the mud.  I gunned the engine but all four tires just spun in the mud, liquefying the mud even more.  I spent the next several hours attempting to move the ATV 10 feet forwards or 10 feet reverse onto solid ground without success.  I stuck small logs, big dried mud clumps and concrete rocks that I found close by in under the tires, but the ATV only moved a few inches.  When night fell, we called a tow truck to pull the ATV out out of the mud.  Luckily, it was a clear night with a nearly full moon so we could see. The first wrecker driver thought the ground was too soft to get close, so he left.  The next wrecker driver backed his tow truck up and attached the winch cable to the ATV and pulled it out of the mud.

Flood prevention depression marked with the place where the ATV got stuck

The tow truck tire tracks are visible in the dirt

Close up view of where ATV got stuck

Mud covered ATV

Mud covered ATV

Mud covered ATV

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