June 7, 2003

Ebeltoft Town Hall, said to be the smallest town hall in the world

The police station in the town of Ebeltoft

The restored frigate Jylland in the town of Ebeltoft.  Frigate Jylland's last battle was in 1864.

Closer view of the restored frigate Jylland in the harbor of Ebeltoft

A view of the Bay of Ebeltoft

The old grain mill in Ebeltoft

A view south from Bent's farm, near Ebeltoft, to the nearest neighboring farm

Two electricity-generating wind mills on the neighbor's property

A view from Bent's farm near Ebeltoft towards the horizon of the ocean
The mirrors are for looking right and left while exiting the driveway at the farm

Bent's farm near Ebeltoft with the old chestnut trees and blue/white tents pitched for Lars's 60th birthday

A view south along the road from Bent's farm near Ebeltoft

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