Monday, August 21, 2006

The new second Tacoma Narrows Bridge being constructed beside the original bridge

Mount St. Helens eruption mudflow remnants down the North Fork Toutle River

Mudflow filled the North Fork Toutle River valley

Upriver to Mount St. Helens which erupted on May 18, 1980

Felled tree trunks from Mount. St. Helens eruption

Some previously forested areas have still not recovered

Setting out on an eight mile round trip hike along Johnston Ridge and Harry Truman Trail

Hike along Johnston Ridge section of Boundary Trail #1

View of Mount St. Helens from Johnston Ridge

Johnston Ridge Observatory

Mount St. Helens with lava dome smoldering

Boundary Trail #1 (left) and Johnston Ridge Observatory (center atop ridge)


Boundary Trail #1

Spirit Lake with logs lining lake shores

Mount St. Helens crater is less than five miles away

Boundary Trail #1 along right side

Grasshoppers jump from vegetation as we walk along the trail

Spirit Lake from Truman Trail

Spirit Lake from Harry's Ridge

Tree trunks still litter Spirit Lake 26 years after the eruption

Spirit Lake

Spirit Lake and toppled trees

Returning on the Truman Trail

Returning on Boundary Trail #1

Trail runs along steep cliff

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