Thursday, July 5, 2007

In China's Yunnan Province, Dali (population 400,000) is located 230 miles (370km) west of Kunming

After a 45 minute flight from Kunming and a 45 minute wild taxi drive, we arrived at the Landscape Hotel in the Ancient City of Dali

The Landscape Hotel has Western amenities

The Landscape Hotel room

I was ecstatic to be an honorific guest!

One of Dali's tourist streets with Jack Daniel's umbrellas and bed sheet over manikins to prevent the clothes from fading in the sunshine

View of Old Dali rooftops and the Cangshan Mountains

A typical Dali courtyard with residence playing cards and woman approaching a stone well to retrieve water with a bucket on a rope

Mom haggled with three ladies in traditional costumes for fabric crafts

Old Dali tourist street

Citizens cleaned produce, dishes, mops and spat in the stream that ran through the street

One of the Old Dali lookout towers which we will explore tomorrow

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