Saturday, July 7, 2007

Mom (hiding behind me), Collin, Nele and I rent mountain bikes to explore around Dali

The front entrance to the Three Pagodas

Hotel at the north side of the Three Pagodas

Back roads at the south side of the Three Pagodas

Loud sputtering no-hood one-eyed cyclops cargo trucks ran around rural China

Rural alleyway

Crop fields

Crop fields with the Three Pagodas and the Cangshan Mountains in the distance

New construction outside Old Dali

The Lone Pagoda

We trespassed to get a closer view

Dali Three Pagodas Traditional Music Club

Twangy music isn't quite the type to make you get down and boogey

Sunset view from the second floor of a restaurant

Mom was happy to see Danish Carlsberg beer and get a boyfriend at the same time

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