Sunday, July 8, 2007

Chinese carry cargo in balanced baskets

Chinese also carry cargo in backpack baskets

Chinese lady just put down her heavy balanced basket-load of produce

Old Dali tourist street with view of Lake Erhai in the distance

As we made our way through a crowded area, we stumbled across the food market in Old Dali

Butcher section of the Old Dali food market

Complete cooked chickens including heads and fresh livers, yum!

Live animals section includes white chickens, brown chickens and bunnies

Produce section of the Old Dali market

More produce

Seafood section includes live fish and live eels

Fresh fruits section, and lady in the yellow shirt on the left looks like she will be cooking chicken for dinner

Grains, beans and spices section of the Old Dali food market

Rural landscape during our bus ride from Dali back to Kunming

Rural farmland and houses

Chinese people are everywhere including farmers working in the fields and walking along rural dirt roads

Mountain sides carved into steps for more farming land

Rural China

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