Monday, July 9, 2007

We found Confucius in China

Ten 5 gallon bottles of water are delivered by bicycle

Grand opening of a fashion clothing store

Grand opening of another store

Deliveries are commonly made by hand cart, bicycle, tricycle cart and electric moped

More deliveries

Struggling with delivery of tables

Downtown Kunming with Kentucky Fried Chicken on the left, Pizza Hut on the right, and McDonald's golden arches on the left side of the Chinese traditional tiled roof archway

Can't get much better than at a Fashion BRILLIANT Magic Power Place!

Mom greets the Beijing Olympics 2008 mascots

I touch Good Fortune while Collin reaches for Longevity

Mom touches Good Fortune and Nele touches Longevity

Pool of goldfish

Downtown Kunming

Script writer shop

Another temple

The bros

Holy turtles and goldfish

Buddha and dragons

I'm glad they clarified with the "fire hydrane" sign because I didn't know what it was


Multi-armed prophet

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