Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Olympic Mountains in the Olympic National Park from the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center

Carrie Glacier from the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center

Port Angeles in the distance as we begin our three mile hike to Hurricane Hill (six miles round trip)

A side trail off the Hurricane Ridge Trail

A single lonesome cloud seems innocent at the time

Dad is ready to climb the Hurricane Ridge Trail ahead with his Indian painted snake walking stick

Looking back at the trail around the peak that we hiked

The Olympic Mountains

I am practicing my bear growl as we continue towards our destination atop Hurricane Hill behind me

The clouds begin to overflow over the mountains

Looking back at the trail around the two peaks that we've trekked

View of barren tree trunks and Port Angeles from Hurricane Hill

View of Olympic Mountains from Hurricane Hill at 5,757 feet

The clouds roll in fast and engulf us in seconds as we hike back

Clouds roll over the ridge from right to left and cover us with mist

The trail disappears into the clouds and the mist turns into sprinkles

The trail through the forest as we get soaked by rain

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