Turbo T-Shirt

On Wednesday, April 21, 1999, I attended the Houston Rockets vs. Dallas Mavericks basketball game at the Compaq Center (formerly the Summit).  My ticket was for the second deck, behind the backboard and behind the scoreboard, at the next to last row in Section 222, Row S, Seat 3.

Houston Rockets vs. Dallas Mavericks Basketball Game Ticket

Turbo with Air Canon

The game was sold out with an arena capacity of 16,285.   At half time, Turbo, one of the Houston Rockets mascots, started firing rolled-up t-shirts into the audience with an air canon.
Turbo turned towards our section of the arena, and the audience stood up waving their hands, but I remained seated.  Turbo then fired the air canon straight towards me, the rolled-up t-shirt ammo hit the audience five rows in front of me and deflected off their hands landing in my lap.

Turbo Air Canon Trajectory

I opened up the rolled-up t-shirt and discovered that it was a Turbo t-shirt.

Turbo T-shirt FrontTurbo T-shirt Back

Beating the Odds: Out of about a dozen t-shirts that were shot into an audience of 16,285, I caught one of them.  Overall odds were approximately 1:1,357 (0.074% chance).

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